Ghiglino 1893

Here's how I'm dressed for one of my many days at the sea!!
The shirt I'm wearing is a gift of Ghiglino 1893
in addition to being colorful is also very fresh!
I paired with a pair of shorts and the red chipie, 
as a accessory I used a straw bag that I use for many outfits during the summer!

P. S.  You can find another outfit that I wear this shirt in this post

Ecco come mi sono vestita per una delle mie tante giornate di mare!!
La maglia che indosso è un regalo di Ghiglino 1893
oltre ad essere coloratissima è anche molto fresca!
l'ho abbinata a un paio di shorts e a delle chipie rosse, 
come accessorio ho usato una borsa di paglia che uso per molti outfit durante l'estate!

P.S.  Potete trovare un altro outfit in cui indosso questa maglia in questo post


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  1. Molto estiva!!! Stai benissimo.. davvero bella questa camicia :)

    Nuovo post..


  2. You look so gorgeous darling!!!!!Today I discover your blog and I love it.
    I became your new follower, if you can join to my blog too I will appreciate this too much.
    Lidiya Ostafiychuk

  3. carino quest'outfit, molto estivo! ti aspetto da me ;)

  4. Lovely top,you look great.
    I wonder if you would like to follow each other : ).
    Keep smiling!

  5. Cool shoes!
    when we were younger we had so much thing of Chipie, I didn't know it still exists haha!
    nice blog!

    Maybe you want to have a look on ours? We just started it a few weeks ago, tips and tricks are always welcome! :-)


    Charlotte & Stephanie